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Ivana Bosnjak here...and I've been an Internet Marketer for many years now... 

I am a single mom of two and run a full time online business (or multiple at that) someone who has many different sites, and many that are getting a LOT of traffic from Social Media (without paying a dime for it...  

I am always on the lookout for a new tool that can help me turn my visitors into leads and sales...

So recently a software developer, Ikhlas Alatas asked me to test one of his new CTA tools on my website...and I did...

This tool has 12 powerful Call To Action features... So I picked one that would fit with my site!

And by Using Just 1 Feature of his tool I generated $201 in PURE Profits!

$201 in Profits!

Number of Visitors:



So we tried it with second feature  and look at the results!

100+ Leads in just 2 days!

Honestly, I could not belive what I was seeing... I mean - Amazing... 

So I asked another Internet Marketer to test it out...

Look At His Results!

"453 New Subscribers - THANK you Ivana!"

Demetris D-Papa

You see...Most people feel that getting traffic is the problem.

Reality is...

Traffic is the easy part...

Let me share how you can easily drive 30k+ per month in Free visitors WITHOUT ever creating any content yourself!

All of this traffic is FREE!

And you can EASILY Get Thousands of F.r.e.e. Visitors Following These 3 Simple Steps!

Step #1

Find controversial VIRAL content

Step #2

Post it on your site. (giving credit back to the content creator)

Step #3

By asking the right question - post it inside of the niche relevant groups and enjoy 1000’s of daily visitors.

And don’t worry, if you need over the shoulder videos on how to do just that...We give you a full coaching program that shows you EVERY step of the way…

But once you have the traffic, you need to convert it into SALES!

Such as these!

And that is where this Powerful CTA WIZ Tool Can Help!

Start Enjoying Crazy Amounts Of Clicks, Leads & Sales In Just Minutes From Now!


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You see, as you I personally struggle to get results. (And every Internet Marketer does too - no matter what they say!)

So when a tool can help me get these kind of results. It is something that should be released to the public!

On one of my sites...I could not get enough clicks...But after adding CTA Wiz to my site... Here is what happened!

Results BEFORE CTA Wiz:

Results from Simple Banner On a Wordpress Site:

Just 72 Clicks!

Results AFTER CTA Wiz:

589 Clicks!

Results After Using CTA Tool!


We just showed you how you can easily get TON of traffic in just few simple steps. Plus we give you a full training on how to do each step with real life examples. 

The real issue is turning the traffic into leads and sales!

The Problem With Most Call-To-Action Tools...

Outrageous Monthly Fees

Complicated and Takes Time To Set Up

Missing Important Features For Customization

Or, they require you to upgrade and spend more money...

New softwares and plugins pop-up daily from people that claim they have the secret to generating easy sales, traffic or leads... all you have to do is invest a few bucks and you too will ‘automate’ the secret to success.

CTA Forms Work - This Just Makes It Work WAYY Better!

The Easiest Way To Capture Leads and Make Sales.

Do You Want Things Hard Or Easy? If The Answer Is Easy Then Consider This.

Luxury Of 12-In-1 Profit CTA Templates To Choose From.

And Most Importantly You Need Results.

In order to get real results you need just 2 things!

Powerful Call-To-Action on Your Site 

An Easy Way To Capture More Traffic From Your Website With No Effort. (Automation)

We get it, it can take time to find the right spot to integrate a form on your website.

It can also take you hours to simply go back and forth between plugins.

Plus we are only human after all and you can easily forget to integrate an important affiliate link that could cost you thousands in lost sales.

If you continue using ‘Old’ call-to-action plugins you will soon be left behind..

We’ve completely streamlined the process and made it simple and easy for YOU to turn visitors into customers.

Imagine Visitors Clicking And Buying Your Offers When You Put This To Use!

Watch This Quick Demo Now!


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You need something that is...

Is Simple and 100% Newbie-Friendly

Captures 10X The Traffic And Turns Them Into Customers With NO Effort…

Allows You To Start Making Money Within 24 Hours Or Less From RIGHT NOW...

Takes Only A Few Minutes To Get Setup

So that’s why what we created here for you today is something truly UNIQUE…

There just isn’t anything else that comes even close to what we created for you.

The Best Part  About It:

NO More Installing A Ton Of Useless Plugins

NO More Missing Out On Capturing Leads or Sales

NO More $0 Paypal Balance...

NO More Complicated Money Methods

You now are going to get access to the most powerful Wordpress Plugin you’ve ever seen!

Proudly Introducing…CTA Wiz The World’s First All-In-One CTA Software

The World’s First All-In-One CTA Software

Create High Converting CTA Forms/Templates

ZERO Technical Skills Required

Increase The Amount Of Leads and Sales

100% Newbie-Friendly, Point & Click Technology

Using CTA Wiz is as EASY AS 1-2-3...

This is a plugin that adds many amazing features to WordPress that have been MISSING and have been WANTED by millions bloggers and marketers for a long long time…

All you have to do is...

Step 1

Install & Activate The Plugin

Step 2

Select A Call To Action Template You Want To Customize

Step 3

Start Seeing An Increase In Leads and Sales!

CTA Wiz Handles 99% Of The Heavy Lifting!

NO More Missing Out On Potential Leads

Converts ANY Website Into a Call To Action Powerhouse Effortlessly

Generate MORE profit with less effort

Saves time by including all the highest converting call to action templates.

Ideal for complete beginners + experienced marketers!

Here's What Some Top Marketers Are Saying About it...

"This Plugin Has it ALL - I plan to use it in my business!"

Gary Alach

One of the problems I constantly see is that you need to buy 3-4 different tools in order to get the most out of your site...That being said, CTA Wiz is a tool I plan to use in my own business, as it has EVERYTHING that I need!

Thanks Ivana and Ikhlas for developing such an easy to use tool that does it ALL and saves so much time!

"This Plugin is The Best Solution EVER!"

Rustam Sandegi

As blogger and product creator we need to convert every single visit to our money sites become a buyer... So we must grab visitor attention to take action our offers...And this plugin is the best solution ever...

The best powerful call to action wordpress plugin, all in one call to action to your money sites, now you can increase your conversion rate with CTA Wiz. I higly recommended all internet marketers use this smart plugin..

"Awesome Tool - Has ALL that I need!"

Tatiana Di Maio

Oh my GOD Ivana...You know I am starting my own business in Brazil, and I was just working on my new site... This plugin sure comes in handy.  Has ALL that I need!

Awesome Tool!

The Perfect WP Plugin For ANYONE To Enjoy More Clicks, Leads, and Sales!

CTA Wiz features an intuitive admin panel with plenty of options that allow you to take full control of customizing your Call To Action campaigns the way you like it.

We love customization so we wanted it to be this way to make your life easier and more profitable…

With CTA Wiz, you can install this WP Plugin on your own sites with just a few clicks of a button.

You can easily be setup within minutes to start creating profitable call to action campaigns and turning more visitors into buyers.

Simple & Easy To Select, Edit, and Create CTAs All From Within Your Wordpress Site...

Imagine finding any call to action template you want for your webpage or content in just 5 seconds.

Imagine never having to waste time on menial tasks

Imagine adding over 10+ special features in 1-click to any webpage.

Imagine spending seconds (not HOURS) in making your website a lead machine.

Say GoodBye To Useless Plugins and Softwares For GOOD!

No more spending hours and hours finding the right forms for your blog/website.

No need to ever spend money buying expensive plugins or software - CTA Wiz Is All-In-One.

No more missing out on potential leads or sales.

No life-draining tech skills required - this is soo simple & easy.

The Powerful Features Behind CTA Wiz...
(and give your Wordpress Site Superpowers)

100% Responsive & Mobile-Friendly

Design Your ecom & affiliate images will look great no matter if visitors open it using their desktop, Mac, tablets or smartphone.

Super Easy Installation & Fast Setup

You can have your CTA forms setup and optimized in less than 5 minutes from now!

Countdown Timers


 The Best Way to Create Urgency for Your Offers or Products

Coupon Codes

Visitors can easily turn into buyers with attention grabbing coupon codes that pop out!

Epic Call To Actions

Each of your CTA templates can include a unique call to action to get the visitor to land on an offer or opt-in page to increase profits and conversions!

Here Are The Proven CTA Templates Included:

Box Monster, Interstitials, Ribbons

Tabs, Floating Ads, Overlays

Inline, Sidebar, Sticky Bar

Social Locker, Opt-in, Pop-up

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Still Not Convinced? Let’s Sweeten The Deal

Don't forget, we give you a FULL training on how to drive  30-50K/mo Free Visitors!

Swipe this step by step coaching style course that gives you the insider's secrets to driving 30,000-50,000 visitors to any of your offers for free while enjoying potential sales!



$201 in Earnings With CTA Bar (VALUE: $97)

Full case study on how we turned a close site - into revenue.



DFY Professional Graphics Pack

DFY Graphics Package is IDEAL Addition to make your designes even BETTER!

Total Value Of These Incredible Free Bonuses $341

+ Many Great SURPRISE Bonuses As Well In The Exclusive Member's Area!

Getting YOU LEADS and SALES Is Simple & Easy...

Results in the past 30 Days!

14 Day Guarantee - 100% Money Back Gurantee!

We don’t want anything to hold you back from getting CTA Wiz right now. That’s why we’re going to completely remove the risk and make this a total no-brainer.

Our passion is to create world-class products that add value to you as an online entrepreneur.  We believe that YOU, the buyer, are our #1 priority and any products you purchase from us should work the first time and every time.  

If within 14 days of purchase you experience any issues or problem where you can't get CTA WIZ to work.

Simply file a support ticket and give us 48 hours to remedy your problem.  If we can't deliver a working copy back to you, within 48 hours, or we can't resolve any issues with the plugin you might have...we'll gladly refund your money without questions...  

That's our 100% money back guarantee. What could be fairer than that?   No questions asked, no hoops to jump through and no hard feelings...

See you on the inside, 

Ivana Bosnjak

Ikhlas Alatas

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What makes CTA Wiz so powerful?

There is NOTHING else out there that can turn ANY site by adding high converting call to actions, countdown timers, and truly making it unique and grab attention to increase your sales and conversions.

What makes CTA Wiz so powerful?

There is NOTHING else out there that can turn ANY site by adding high converting call to actions, countdown timers, and truly making it unique and grab attention to increase your sales and conversions.

What’s Included?

In Addition to the Wordpress Plugin with 12 features you also get licensing and you will receive recorded video training on how to get the most from this amazing plugin. 

Is CTA Wiz Beginner Friendly?

Absolutely - in fact we developed it to be this way so that anyone can benefit from the simple use of this software. There are zero tech skills needed, and the included training walks you through every part of plugin step by step.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

There’s a complete collection of training videos right inside. PLUS our friendly support desk is just a click away. We’re here to get you the best possible results!

Is There A Guarantee?​

Yes, you get a full 14 days to use CTA Wiz as stated above.

How Do I Get INSTANT Access On This Right Now?

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